Claricon Max HD

Claricon Max HD Slit Lamp

The Claricon Series Slit Lamp empowers you with the mechanical precision needed to do your job. Take control of the most advanced engineering in a slit lamp with smooth movements while you stay in control of angle, field, and illumination intensity. It delivers faultless precision in both shape and movement for both you and your patients.
Claricon Max HD Slit Lamp

- Images in 18 magapixels
- Software integrated
- Five Standard Magnifications
- EyePiece: 12.5X.
- Field : 37 / 23 / 14 / 8.7 / 5.7 (mm).
- Eyepiece adjustment: -7D ~ +7D .
- Slit width: 0mm~14mm continuous.
- Slit Height : 1mm~14mm continuous.
- Spot diameter: 14mm, 10mm, 5mm, 3mm, 1mm, 0.2mm.
- Slit angle : 0~180 Rotational.
- Filters : Heat, Gray, Green (Red-free), Blue(Cobalt) .
- Illumination: 12v, 50w (LED).
- Background illumination adjustable (LED).
- Suply: 100~240V.


Claricon Max HD Slit Lamp

The Claricon Series Slit Lamp best allows you to examine your patient's eyes with the clearest of vision. We guarantee the highest clarity and resolution during your examinations with the sharpest definition on details. Harness the power to clearly see every piece from the retina to the cornea.

You will have the precision and clarity for the diagnosis. Your patients will know they are in good hands from the moment they walk into your practice.
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