Claricon Slit Lamp

The Claricon Series Slit Lamp are made with high quality material and focusing on ways to make your practice more efficient. The crystal-made lenses of the Claricon Series Slit Lamp are carefully polished by hand, one by one, to ensure you the most personal of touches in the machine. Our products are guaranteed to last as well. The Claricon Series Slit Lamp is just another piece of equipment built to last.


- Three Stand Magnification
- Eyepiece: 12.5X.
- Pupilar distance: 54 mm~82 mm.
- Eyepiece adjustment: -7D ~ +7D .
- Slit width: 0mm~14mm continuous.
- Slit height : 1mm~14mm continuous.
- Spot diameter : 14mm, 10mm, 5mm, 3mm, 1mm, 0.2mm.
- Slit angle : 0~180 Rotational .
- Filters: Heat, Gray, Green(Red-free), Blue(Cobalt) .
- Illumination: 12v, 50w LED.
- Fixation: Red LED 3.5V .
- Suply: 100~240V.
- Frequency: 48~62 Hz.

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