Essence™ Manual Refrator

Elegance is the Essence Manual Refractor from Illuminix Industries and is the essential piece of equipment missing from your ophthalmology practice. Our personal crystal-made lenses are developed with the highest level of mechanical and optical precision akin to a falcon soaring in the skies above. Each lens is carefully polished by hand. One by one.

The mechanical parts and gear all made in perfectly adjusted metal and painted with an electrostatic method, high resistance paint to guarantee the longest lasting beauty of the instrument.

Syncronized Cross-Cylinders (+) or (-)
Spherical Lens -19.00DS to +16.75DS in 0.25D steps (0.12D steps with auxiliary lens)
Cylindrical Lens 0 to -6.00D in 0.25 D steps (0 to -8.00D and in 0.12D steps with auxiliary lens
Axis of Cylindrical Lens 5° steps
Cross Cylindrical Lens ±0.25D
Rotary Prism Range of measurement 0, -20?, Step 1?
Pupil Distance Range 1.97in / 50mm ~ 3in / 75mm, Step 0.04in / 1mm
Aggregated Adjustment 0, 15in / 380mm
Adjustment of Forehead Rest 0.63in / 16mm