ILLUMINIX Industries is developing innovative equipment using the highest level of engineering carefully manufactured to bring elegance into your office. We deliver solutions to healthcare professionals using high quality material and focusing on ways to make your practice more efficient.
We work only with skilled, experienced field service technicians providing our clients nationwide support. Allowing you the freedom to place your attention on the things that matter - taking care of patients.
We search endlessly for ways to provide satisfaction for each of our clients, helping to grow your business. We deliver instruments and solutions that increase your productivity, including a level of comfort and ergonomics best suited to your pratice.
Our products are marketed in multiple locations throughout the country. We also provide products in the Middle East and Latin America, demonstrating our national and international standard of quality.
ILLUMINIX Industries is proud to be established in Tomorrow Land, Orlando, home to one of the nation's top incubation systems and research parks, cutting-edge discoveries in medicine, manufacturing, distributing and more.
33rd Street Industrial Center
4187 SW 34th Street
Orlando, FL 32811
TOLL FREE: 1 - 800 290 5140